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Olympic themed shoot by Elliot Munns (Fashion Photography @ UCF)
This shoot has been one of the most tiring days as well as the most fun, I wore many different outfits and modelled for multiple fashion photographers. 
I had fun working with Elliot, blaring music out and just getting on with it, after my look had been styled, we just got on with it without the need of a huge team.
This pants were designed by Chris Cardy (Performance Sportswear @ UCF), there was a top that went with as it was actually designed for a woman… but I think we managed to make it work with the styling. 
I would really like to work with him again on a shoot at some point… This guy has some really exciting work that I think you should check out: 

MODEL: Harry J Bartlett 
DESIGNER: Chris Cardy 

MODEL: Harry J Bartlett

One of the looks I modelled on the Olympic Shoot day. I wore 3 different looks for 3 different photographers and yes, all the looks I was given were women’s wear looks.
I feel slightly untrusted in menswear with my build and such. Even my face looks womanly in this photograph… Well at least I made it work !

PHOTOGRAPHY: Harry J Bartlett
MODEL: Olivia Keane

Another studio shot, I wanted to show the motion of the models hair moving, so I layered multiple images of her running to get sections of hair moving in different ways, when I had enough composites, it was just a matter of layering and colour correction to get this ‘lion mane’ that you see here.