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#FalmouthFashionShow2013: Model Briefing

Cheeky behind the scenes snap in the Fish Factory of the models getting their morning briefing.

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#FalmouthFashionShow2013; model fittings

Yesterday was bloody hectic getting everything organised for today’s shows.
Lots of stress and…

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FalmouthFashionShow2013: Model Casting

 A few behind the scenes images from the Model Casting of the Falmouth Fashion Show 2013

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Male Models arriving at the Fish Factory for the Falmouth Fashion Show 2012

Leutton Postle A/W 2012 board
I didn’t get chance to see this show, but it looked pretty cool and the models looked stunning 

James Long @ Courtyard Show Space>Somerset House - LFW A/W 2012: Menswear Day
I think this is one of my favourite pictures from any of the runway shows, firstly, the men were stunning (this we can all see) and the rest of the men in the show were equally beautiful. Secondly, the clothes, I love this knit jumper [to the left], the colours are beautiful and it fits perfectly and the coat [to the right] is to die for. It’s beautifully designed, baggy, great materials and colour. (I need this coat in my life)
I’m also quite proud (if I do say so myself) of how I managed to get the picture, I wanted to try and get the two models at an angle where it almost looked as though they were battling. I think it worked to an extent 

Backstage at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue
It was quite interesting seeing the models sitting down very calm, texting while makeup artists and hairdressers tug and pull, paint and powder as quickly as they can, the models don’t even flinch

Ashish - Courtyard Space>Somerset House - LFW A/W 2012
A model stands at the top of the runway with lights blaring at her, flashes going off and people clapping
The Ashish show was one of my favourite shows from LFW, the colours were amazing, the designs looked great and the music really fit the theme, a few male models in the mix and the jewellery looked stunning in the show, all the female models wore giant dangling 3-strand ear to nose chains which looked beautiful in different colours and jewels. All in all, a phenomenal show with a great vibe afterwards. It was at this show where I interviewed Mollie King from The Saturdays who seemed to be very inspired by the spangles and colour of Ashish.

Met this gorgeous and friendly stylist backstage at David Koma.
She (like the rest of the runners I saw) was dressed in black. Wearing a sheer shirt, trousers that ended just above the ankle and some slip on pumps. A beautiful gold medallion hung around her neck with matching gold earrings. 
Her hair was phenomenal! Braided then tied up into a big twist on the top of her head showing off her dark lips and drawn on, pointed eyebrows.
She was a very friendly woman, with a lot of style and a lot of patience, even in such a stressful and hectic environment. My hat goes off to all those behind-the-scenes people that most of the world doesn’t see. 

Models changing after the David Koma show - LFW A/W 2012
It was a pretty hectic environment backstage at the Courtyard Space venue at Somerset House, runners every going mental, hair and makeup artists trying to get models ready for the next shows and the press hunting around for designers to get an interview (little did I know, UCF’s very own Sarah Ball of Fashion Design had got an amazing interview with David Koma himself)
The dress you can just about see in the left of the image (black and blue) was the dress that I helped a model get out of as there were no runners available to offer assistance 

David Koma - LFW A/W 2012
Models walking out onto the catwalk at the end of the show 
This was one of my favourite shows from LFW ‘12, I thought it was a phenomenal collection, great casting of models, beautiful makeup and stunning shoes !