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Photography: Gavin SF
Stylist: Harry J Bartlett
Model: Jon Vella

Here are just a few of the shots from the day at The Poly in Falmouth. This was such a chilled out shoot and I feel as though we still managed to deliver some incredible photographs. The idea of mystery within the man was something both Gavin and I felt we should push within the narrative and styling to get a feel for this wealthy but intriguing man. Inspired by Dior Homme and an old Hollywood vibe. 
Gavin submitted these images to the Vogue Italia website and they were snapped up straight away !

An overall great shoot to be a part of and I hope we collaborate again in the not-so distant future.

Go ahead, check out his website:

Olympic themed shoot by Elliot Munns (Fashion Photography @ UCF)
This shoot has been one of the most tiring days as well as the most fun, I wore many different outfits and modelled for multiple fashion photographers. 
I had fun working with Elliot, blaring music out and just getting on with it, after my look had been styled, we just got on with it without the need of a huge team.
This pants were designed by Chris Cardy (Performance Sportswear @ UCF), there was a top that went with as it was actually designed for a woman… but I think we managed to make it work with the styling. 
I would really like to work with him again on a shoot at some point… This guy has some really exciting work that I think you should check out: 

MODEL: Harry J Bartlett 
DESIGNER: Chris Cardy 

as some of you may have already seen, my picture of David Gandy from LFW A/W 2012 has appeared on the website on the ‘David Gandy’s Blog’ page and I’m super excited that my image is on Vogue?!