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#FalmouthFashionShow2013; model fittings

Yesterday was bloody hectic getting everything organised for today’s shows.
Lots of stress and…

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FREE Event Square Screening: FalmouthFashionShow2013

Don’t forget to register now for the FREE Event Square screening on 29 May at 9pm and your Falmouth Fashion Show ticket at

A runway show by the next generation of designers is set to take Falmouth onto the global fashion stage, 29 May 2013 at the Boat Shed in Falmouth.

The annual Falmouth Fashion Show, now in its fourth year showcasing next generation of designers, highlights the talented work from Falmouth University’s emerging new designers ready to launch into the fashion world, with past graduates from the courses going on to work with Burberry, Nike, Adidas and many other international brands.

Students from Falmouth University’s BA(Hons) Fashion Design and BA(Hons) Performance Sportswear Design courses will show-off their imaginative designs and entrepreneurial spirit at two shows on 29 May, at the afternoon show at 3pm and at the evening Gala at 7pm. The will also be a free screening of the fashion show in Events Square between 9pm and 11pm for those who cannot make it to the show.

The Falmouth Fashion Show 2013 will see the Boat Shed in Falmouth transformed into a fantastic fashion venue showcasing final year collections from talented students. There is will be bar, wheelchair accessibility and parking available a with a complimentary shuttle bus service operating between the car park and the venue up to 10.30pm.

Design: Beatrix Labana
Photography - Rae Marie Payne

Alice Chalk x Harry J Bartlett ›

I shot this image of Hilde’s “Lifespan” collection which is a sustainable collection inspired by the lifespan of vintage garments.
Design: Hilde Hundsnes
Photography: Harry J Bartlett
Model: Kym Ellison

FalmouthFashionShow2013 Graduate Catalogue TEASERS

Brace yourselves guys, i’m going to be posting a few teasers of some of the Fashion + Performance Sportswear graduate designers collections shot by the 2nd year Fashion Photography students at Falmouth University. 
The images shown will be featured as banners at the Fashion Show and in the main marquee at Events Square for the free after event. 
I hope you all like what you see, and I recommend you check out the pages of the designers and photographers

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Falmouth Fashion Show 2013

Hey everybody, as you may or may not know, the Falmouth Graduate runway show is approaching so better start getting a hold of those tickets now if you can. 
£5 for the afternoon show, £20 for the evening, and for the first time (and for free), the show will be broadcasted on a large screen at Event Square so those of you who couldn’t make the show can still make see it !

You can buy your tickets from:  and/or

It’s going to be a great event with some incredible collections from this years graduate Fashion & Performance Sportswear Designers and I hope to see you there

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FalmouthFashionShow2013: Model Casting

 A few behind the scenes images from the Model Casting of the Falmouth Fashion Show 2013

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Interview: Charley Speed> Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Judge

Harry J Bartlett & Charley Speed

Charles Rufus Felix Speed, known better to you and me as Charley Speed, Models 1 superstar and judge on Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. 
I met Charley at Clothes Show Live, I had the pleasure to work backstage dressing the contestants of BINTM for their catwalk shows. It was there where I was beckoned to sew a button onto a jacket by Mr Speed himself. Yelling at me in a joking fashion for my lack of home economic skills (but an appreciation of my fashion). It was after this harrowing first acknowledgement, (he referred to me as a “helmet”) when I started talking to Charley between shows (as he immersed himself into his Bad Piggies app on his phone) which seemed to be the only free time we had.
I managed to squeeze in a quick interview around all the chaos of hair & beauty, the frantic dressing of the BINTM girls and the management team yelling out show times and requirements.

  • HJB: How did you become involved in the fashion industry?
  • CS: A really good friend of mine (while I was still at Art & Design college) sent photographs in to some competition she saw on a kids TV show, well, a saturday morning TV show called Massive… I think. Then she told me about it and then the first I knew of it is that they wanted to see me and I went to see them as I was art Art & Design college doing… not much. They said “You can do it part time or full time, we think you’ve got a really good look for right now, if you do it full time we think you’re gonna do pretty well”. So I just thought i’d go for it. It was a chance to travel and all sorts.
  • HJB: What was the biggest campaign you were involved in?
  • CS: One of my very first campaigns within about three or four months of signing with Models 1 was Calvin Klein which was pretty much international. Times Square with Kate Moss, it was everywhere. Then I went on to do another three campaigns with him and Kate and thats what cemented me.
  • HJB: So how did you get involved with Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model?
  • CS: Essentially, the winner of the show traditionally gets a contract with Models 1 who are my agency and who are the ones who first signed me up. Back when [Lisa] Snowdon was doing it, I think they wanted to get a new judge on the panel and they came to Models 1 to perhaps get a male model on and they rounded a few of us up who’d had a lot of experience and I just went through the interview process, screen tested with her. They really liked me but eventually at the last minute, the money-men went “Oh, lets get someone a bit more flamboyant”. Thankfully, they called me back again when Elle Macpherson took over, so in a way it was a blessing in disguise and then I got another two years with Elle and the show was elevated by the time I joined.
  • HJB: If you could work with any designer for a show, who would it be and why?
  • CS: [Pause] Thats a difficult question. I haven’t modelled properly like that for years, when I was modelling, if someone had asked me who haven’t you worked for, that would be an easier question. And thats not me showing off, I just kind of… When you’re an ‘it’ model, you work for everyone! Erm, I always love modelling for Gucci when Tom Ford was at the helm because he kinda, really reinvigorated the brand. He brought back that classic, lovely tapered, well-cut suit and I opened countless shows for him which is a big thing when you’re a model. Opening shows is kinda cool, there’s a bit of a prestige to it and he was such a charming man to work with and having seen his visual work to his film, I’ve just got so much respect for him. I did drama when I was younger and I have an affiliation with that. So it’s gotta be Tom Ford.
  • HJB: If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
  • CS: Probably the same answer. I should really say a British designer, and I have a huge respect and love for Saville Row and that tradition that goes back such a long time. There is nothing like a bespoke suit. There are so many brands that I like in that respect. Erm… I’m sorry guys, i’ve given them a plug and I adore Saville Row, I love Richard James, I love Richard James Custom, it’s very cool and i’ve worked with him a lot, but i’m going with Tom Ford man, as its just my style.
  • HJB: While on the topic of suits, what are your three rules of ‘How To Wear A Suit’?
  • CS: I don’t really have any rules, I mean, make sure it fits properly man. Ok, there’s also the obvious things about cufflinks, just the right amount of cufflinks showing below the suit jacket. I personally like a slim-fitting suit. Anything thats boxy, forget it! You know what, you can buy off the peg suits very reasonably priced and you can find tailors who will take them in for you for like fifteen quid. Yeah? They’ll just pinch the back and it will transform it. Those are my best tips.
  • HJB: Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure.
  • CS: You are most welcome. 

I can honestly say that Charley Speed is a very open and friendly man, he seemed well up for a laugh and didn’t seemed fussed by the hustle bustle that was going on around him.
I loved working with Charley and the Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model girls and would love to work with him again on another project… If you’re reading this Mr Speed, contact me !  


[Photography: Nicole Gomes -]

During LFW in September, I got the opportunity to work backstage dressing models (thanks to Claudia Behnke) for Jeffrey Michael’s S/S13 collection.
It was an incredible experience as this was the first show I had worked at for London Fashion Week. It was such a hectic event, but I thoroughly enjoyed the escapades I got up to and we had such a phenomenal team to work with (and some of the most beautiful models you have ever seen). 
Here’s a picture of myself and model, Sonja Wohlmuth. I felt privileged to wear the large butterfly for this photograph as it proved to be a show-stopping piece of the collection (worn by Sonja with the finale gown).
Here’s a link to Jeffrey’s website… you will not be disappointed!

This is Jane Thomas, she owns a beautiful and quaint little boutique in Falmouth called Just Like This. I started talking to her at the VIP Party as I had fallen in love with her dress (from her boutique). I had a good old chin wag with her and I thought she looked incredible.
I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get her posing against the bright red Mini, matching her dress and her hair. 
All in all, an amazing night with some amazing people turning up to watch. 

I fell in love with this lady’s candy pink jacket. I thought the colour was really nice and it matched her headscarf (though you can’t see it in the picture) and went really well with her white dress. She informed me that she found the pink jacket in a charity shop a few years ago for £7. Can’t go wrong for that price now can you?

BY FAR the best dressed VIP of the night had to be Angelique Thompson, her printed yellow pencil skirt was stunning and paired with the yellow hand bag and the yellow vintage cardigan, she looked phenomenal. She had a great colour pallet, combining her yellow clothing with some beautiful purple suede heels and a beautiful vintage purple feathered hat which she told me was from her Vintage masterpiece Upton House.
She is just a walking masterpiece and a great vintage lover, interior designer and everything in between. Check her out on twitter; @uptongirlfowey

She even let me try on her amazing headpiece !


I was lucky to be asked to take pictures with a small team of other Fashion Photographers to take pictures of the VIP even and it was quite fun, there were plenty of incredibly interesting and extravagant looking people. 
Andrew Pill and his girlfriend Lisa proved to be the ‘Fashion Power Couple’ of the event, both wearing beautiful clothing and great accessories and colour pallets.
As they got out of the car, the first thing I saw was Andrew’s mint green trousers and beautiful red suede shoes which went hand in hand with Lisa’s red blouse and jewellery.
I had a great talk with them, a few drinks, bit of gossip and a whole lot of fun, would love to meet up with them again in the future.
Networking has proven to be key in this situation !