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Guram Gvasali backstage at David Koma, London Fashion Week, Feb 2012
i was in love with this mans double-breasted black suit jacket with the black belt over the top and his beige overcoat
a very chic and silhouette created with the neutral colours of black and white with the beige jacket.  
it doesn’t always take bold, bright patterns to make a statement ! 

as some of you may have already seen, my picture of David Gandy from LFW A/W 2012 has appeared on the website on the ‘David Gandy’s Blog’ page and I’m super excited that my image is on Vogue?!

David Gandy after the James Long Show @ Courtyard Show Space> Somerset House - LFW A/W 2012: Menswear Day
This was a personal highlight for me, David Gandy is one of my icons in the fashion world and I met him and even managed to get a picture of him. I did turn into a bit of a ‘crazed fan’ at one point when he walked past me and I shouted “You’re Beautiful!” and he heard me, but luckily he just turned round and laughed. 
Still, he was a very pleasant and a very fashionable man.

Backstage @ James Long - Courtyard Show Space>Somerset House: LFW A/W 2012
This was one of my favourite looks in the collection, absolutely loving the black leather jacket with the fur collar. A perfect Autumn/Winter look
This was a very ‘black’ look keeping with the winter traditions and it fit the model perfectly
The James Long show was possibly my favourite show I saw of London Fashion Week 2012 

Model waiting for his hair and makeup before a show
Backstage @ Courtyard Show Space>Somerset House - LFW A/W 2012

James Long @ Courtyard Show Space>Somerset House - LFW A/W 2012: Menswear Day
I think this is one of my favourite pictures from any of the runway shows, firstly, the men were stunning (this we can all see) and the rest of the men in the show were equally beautiful. Secondly, the clothes, I love this knit jumper [to the left], the colours are beautiful and it fits perfectly and the coat [to the right] is to die for. It’s beautifully designed, baggy, great materials and colour. (I need this coat in my life)
I’m also quite proud (if I do say so myself) of how I managed to get the picture, I wanted to try and get the two models at an angle where it almost looked as though they were battling. I think it worked to an extent