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During LFW in September, I got the opportunity to work backstage dressing models (thanks to Claudia Behnke) for Jeffrey Michael’s S/S13 collection.
It was an incredible experience as this was the first show I had worked at for London Fashion Week. It was such a hectic event, but I thoroughly enjoyed the escapades I got up to and we had such a phenomenal team to work with (and some of the most beautiful models you have ever seen). 
Here’s a picture of myself and model, Sonja Wohlmuth. I felt privileged to wear the large butterfly for this photograph as it proved to be a show-stopping piece of the collection (worn by Sonja with the finale gown).
Here’s a link to Jeffrey’s website… you will not be disappointed!

A slightly garish picture of myself at the Handpicked Media Lounge at London Fashion Week, sampling a gold body chain that I was kindly gifted by the New Look PR team.
If you fancy checking out some more details of the #HPMLFW event, check out the fabulous blog of my friend Diana (she’s got a lot of amazing things going on and you don’t want to miss out on her escapades)

Cheeky bit of Street Style of myself and Byron London

Harry J Bartlett & Byron London @ LFW S/S13 

Courtesy of

Busy Little Bee

Hey Guys!
Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging in what feels like a lifetime. 
I have been ridiculously busy with moving back down to Falmouth to start my 2nd year on the Fashion Photography course at University College Falmouth but hopefully I can get all the exciting things i’ve been doing over summer onto my blog ASAP !

As you know, I have been a part of the show Summer Daze with Blackberry on Channel 4 and I went to 2 brilliant festivals; Global Gathering and Standon Calling. [Episode 5 & 6 on 4OD]
It was such a fun experience to be a part of and I met some incredibly exciting and fun people. The Summer Daze wrap party in London was also a rather fine vent and a really nice way to get to meet up with the cast and crew again. Since coming back to Falmouth, I have had various freshers coming up to me and yelling “Mate, you’re on that Summer Daze program aren’t you?” Which as embarrassing as it is, does inflate my ego ever so slightly.

Summer Daze

After that I got the chance to work with Claudia Behnke, an amazing stylist who I worked with on a project of an Indian Couture fashion exhibition celebrating the work of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and the photographer Ram Serghill who had released a book of work using the beautiful collection of clothing. Again, I met some incredibly interesting people including Daniel Lismore and I even saw Judie Dench (a true national treasure). I then went to Daniel Lismore’s after party where I met one of my heroes of Fashion Illustration, Achraf Amiri (who I am hoping to interview at some point this year). 

Harry J Bartlett & Daniel Lismore

The week after I was at London Fashion Week where I had the privilege of working with Candid Magazine. I attended some beautiful shows and hung out with some incredible people including my friend Jay Camilleri of Dirty, Sexy Things and Channelle from Styled To Rock which was a blast. Managed to get a few front row seats and came back with a hell of a lot of goodie bags and gifts. It was also the first time I had attended the Handpicked Media Suite with the blogging team. 
I also interviewed one of my heroes in fashion, Pandemonia and I will possibly be interviewing Kate Nash later on in the year.

2012 has been a rather good year and lets hope 2013 follows suit

I fell in love with this lady’s candy pink jacket. I thought the colour was really nice and it matched her headscarf (though you can’t see it in the picture) and went really well with her white dress. She informed me that she found the pink jacket in a charity shop a few years ago for £7. Can’t go wrong for that price now can you?

BY FAR the best dressed VIP of the night had to be Angelique Thompson, her printed yellow pencil skirt was stunning and paired with the yellow hand bag and the yellow vintage cardigan, she looked phenomenal. She had a great colour pallet, combining her yellow clothing with some beautiful purple suede heels and a beautiful vintage purple feathered hat which she told me was from her Vintage masterpiece Upton House.
She is just a walking masterpiece and a great vintage lover, interior designer and everything in between. Check her out on twitter; @uptongirlfowey

She even let me try on her amazing headpiece !


I was lucky to be asked to take pictures with a small team of other Fashion Photographers to take pictures of the VIP even and it was quite fun, there were plenty of incredibly interesting and extravagant looking people. 
Andrew Pill and his girlfriend Lisa proved to be the ‘Fashion Power Couple’ of the event, both wearing beautiful clothing and great accessories and colour pallets.
As they got out of the car, the first thing I saw was Andrew’s mint green trousers and beautiful red suede shoes which went hand in hand with Lisa’s red blouse and jewellery.
I had a great talk with them, a few drinks, bit of gossip and a whole lot of fun, would love to meet up with them again in the future.
Networking has proven to be key in this situation ! 

Olympic Torch Travels Through Falmouth - Saturday 19th May
A slightly belated picture, but here is one of Ben Ainslie (one of the torch carriers and a big name in the sports world) with 3 models and Marley the dog wearing swim/sportswear designed by students of University College Falmouth 

Saturday 19th May - Olympic Torch Travels Through Falmouth
Where do I begin, we were asked by our course leader to go to Event Square in Falmouth on Saturday to try and get as many photos of the day as possible. Being a very nice sunny day, I thought “yeah, why not?”.
Anyway, I figured that seeing as I was taking pictures of the day, Beccy, Sradha and myself (all Fashion Photography at UCF) should try and sneak into the press zone where the torch gets passed over. Anyway, we managed to sneak through undetected (much like being back at London Fashion Week) and was stood quite comfortably between Sky News and BBC News plus various other professional camera men and press teams.
When the guy ran down with his torch, I must admit, I wasn’t a particular fan of the running uniform, (the torch looked great and I did manage to touch it).  Now the white and gold I did not like, it reminded me of N-Dubz which i’m pretty sure is NOT the look that England is going for in the 2012 Olympic Games.
However, the grey and gold tracksuits/shorts and t-shirts that the Metropolitan Police wore proved to be quite nice, a lot of people were talking about how much they loved the idea of the police dressing up and representing our country also.
So really, this post was just me saying how much I prefer the Olympic police runners uniform more than the actual Olympic runners.  

Backstage @ James Long - Courtyard Show Space>Somerset House: LFW A/W 2012
This was one of my favourite looks in the collection, absolutely loving the black leather jacket with the fur collar. A perfect Autumn/Winter look
This was a very ‘black’ look keeping with the winter traditions and it fit the model perfectly
The James Long show was possibly my favourite show I saw of London Fashion Week 2012